What is the Green Fee & Pro Shop Module?

The Green Fee and Pro Shop module aides clubs in the handling of green fees, operating the cash desk at the pro shop, bookings of tee times, entries into competitions, rentals of lockers, hiring of caddies or carts and even lessons with the local Pro.

Why use the Albatros Green Fee & Pro Shop Module?

The Albatros Green Fee and Pro Shop Module has been designed with the detailed input of over 400 golf club managers and directors. We truly believe that we have designed a great product that can help you in the management of green fee collection and pro shop adminstration. Below are some of the features of the module, however If you want more details on how the module works, don’t hesitate to contact us!


  • Fully Intergrated with SAGA Handicap Server

    Capability to open a round on the SAGA Handicap server for all affiliated golfers.

  • Fully intergrated with Albatros Modules

    Fully intergrated with the Albatros Bookings module

  • Accurate Record Keeping

    • Easy capturing and accurate record keeping of green fees
    • Detailed customer sales history
    • Manage customer’s personal information
  • Statistics

    Easy access to detailed statistics on rounds played.


    • Touchscreen technology enables easy and clear operating features
    • Powerful cashless functionalities
    • Easy management of start time bookings

    • Green Fee & Pro Shop sales can be combined into one customer reciept
    • Pro shop stock and sales management tools

    Includes the ability to determine user rights

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Why Albatros?

An Integrated Solution

An Affordable Solution

A Developing Solution

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