Albatros Website Features

Did you know by using Albatros Tournament Solution Products you can improve your website?

By using the Tournament Database (TDB) to manage your rankings and schedules, Albatros will make a number of “Iframes” available to you, which you can embed in your website.

If you use the Albatros Tournament Management System (ATMS), you will be able to attach a link to your website, for your livescoring. The amount of users clicking on this link can be monitored from the ATMS, giving you instant acces to the amount of traffic your livescoring is generating. You can also combine features of the TDB, such as the Top 10 Iframe with your livescoring from the ATMS.

All these features drive greater traffic to your website, making your organisation more prominent in your customers eyes. It also gives greater exposure to your sponsors, as well as a measurable data on live scoring viewer numbers.

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