What is the Food & Beverage Module?

The Food and Beverage module aids your club in the running of the halfway house, restuarant or bar.

The Food and Beverage module consists of two parts: Point of Sales (POS) -system for customer service automation and back office for data storage, statistics, reporting etc.

Why use the Food & Beverage Module?

The Food & Beverage has been developed with the detailed input of over 400 golf club managers and directors. We truly believe that we have created a fantastic product that can provide real benefit for your club.

Irrespective of whether the restaurant facilities are administered by the club itself or subcontracted to a third party, the Albatros Food and Beverage Module allows for accounting and sales to be managed either jointly or separately.


  • Cashless Functionalities

    Diverse cashless functionalities including a swipe card facility.

  • Bill Management

    • Bill splitting
    • Joint billing
    • Transferring of bills
  • Efficient Printing Functionality

    • Efficient printer functions to manage kitchen and drink orders
    • Easy printing of customer account transaction history
    • Invoice printing
  • Journal Displays

    Comprehensive journal displays for revenue centres.

  • Controls

    • Management controls on the cancellation of bills or items
    • Controls and measurement tools for operators (e.g. barman, waiters etc.)
  • Stock Adjustments

    Real time stock adjustements, intergrated with the Albatros Back Office Module.

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Why Albatros?

An Integrated Solution

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