What is the Members & CRM Module?

The Members & Customer Relationship Module is used in the management of customer’s personal data, whether the customer’s are members or guests. The focus of the module is to aide in the adminstrative functions of customer data management and communication.

Why use the Members & CRM Module?

The Albatros Membership & CRM module has been developed through the detailed input of over 400 golf club directors and managers. This input has helped us to design a product that works in the real life club environment. We truly believe in our product and hope to share our enthusiasm with you! Take a look at the product features below and if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Customer Tracking

    Full tracking of all customer types.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Ability to create specific fields in a comprehensive database structure with detailed reporting capabilities.

  • Fee Management Tools

    Individual and group accounts, invoices and subscription fee management tools.

  • Customer Statistics

    Ability to generate detailed customer statistics.

  • E-mail & SMS Functionality

    Powerful e-mail and SMS functionality.

  • CRM Benefits

    • Easy access to personal information
    • Efficient handling of customer accounts
    • Convenient communication tool aimed at individuals or groups

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Why Albatros?

An Integrated Solution

An Affordable Solution

A Developing Solution

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