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As at the end of June 2014 there are 35,715,098 scores recorded on the central server, some of which count towards the nearly 160,000 official handicaps calculated at the end of each month. Albatros is the software behind golf handicaps in South Africa.

Check out the HNA website for more facts and figures: HNA Website

Latest: Smart move for your Device

iPhone, Android or Blackberry, what do they have in common? A web browser app, developed by Albatros, which enables an SAGA affiliated golfer to capture scores and round stats. HNA are launching the Premium Subscription Service which sees more and more golfers going mobile and recording more information on their rounds. A smartphone manufactured in 2010 or later is all you need!

Snap shot of the total picture

HNA Handicap Card

Every golfer who is a member of a golf club affiliated to the SAGA gets a HNA Handicap Card. This card is uniquely coded so as to identify each member of a golf club.

HNA Handicap Terminal

Each golf club affiliated to the SAGA has an HNA Handicap Terminal linked to a central server containing all the data of each golfer’s scores. By swiping their HNA Handicap Card, on the Terminal card reader, a golfer can see his score record and capture scores for an open round

HNA Website

This website is hosted by Albatros, providing interfaces to HNA’s webmaster in order that golfers can open and close rounds, view their scores and view other golfer’s scores through the lookup golfer function.

Mobile connectivity

Through web browser apps created by Albatros, golfers can enter scores and record round stats on their mobile devices

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