Stacks of Data!

Two physical servers. Twelve virtual servers. State of the art redundancy. 1,000 similtaneous calls per minute. This is what is required to stack up golfers data into easily retrievable and logical form!

Good Hosting takes practice

Albatros not only provides HNA with a hosting service for it’s website,, but also for all the handicap data and the interfaces used to provide an integrated solution.

The Albatros parent company, Albatros Datenservice GmbH, based in Karlsruhe in the south of Germany, manages in excess of twenty four servers for various Golf Clubs and Federations around Europe.

This expertise is applied to the South African business.

In South Africa we currently …..

… Have two physical servers hosted at a state of the art data centre in Cape Town.

Each server comprises a number of virtual servers which include

  • server for
  • database of all golfer scores
  • adminstration website in which all interfaces are integraged
  • Tournament Solutions, ATMS and TDB products
  • Backup

The hardware used is standardised across all Albatros operations in different countries to ensure optimum maintenance to clients.

High availability (a number of different connectivity service providers are used to ensure maximum availability), load balancing (one server available immediately the other goes down) and regular backups are conducted and stored.

Scheduled maintenance, regular updates and upgrades are applied to the hardware and software.

  • High availability

    Maximum connectivity

  • Load Balancing

    Assuring the client is online all the time

  • Support

    Support team with experience in managing multiple hosted sites in five different countries

Some feature we offer are:

Multiple internet services providers provide connectivity ensuring client stays online

What others say about us:

“Reliable Hosting is crucial to the success of our business. We find Albatros hosting services to be world class.”

Justin KingHNA: General Manager

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