SAGA Official Handicap

Arrive at a golf course. Swipe your HNA Handicap Card. View your handicap. Open a round. Capture your score using a mobile device, the internet or an HNA terminal at the club. Access your score history real time any time. An integrated solution by Albatros – creating golf software products for more than 20 years.

The only official HNA Handicap Service to South African golfers

All official handicaps for golfers in South Africa managed exclusively using Albatros Software.

An integrated solution is one in which stake holder requirements, in the HNA Handicap, are accommodated and operate seamlessly underpinned by excellent service levels.

The integrated solution to HNA

Albatros is contracted to provide Handicaps Network Africa (HNA) an integrated Handicap solution.

Broadly speaking the solution includes the HNA Handicap Server managed by Albatros. This is located in a state of the art and secure facility in Cape Town. All the scores of players affiliated to the South African Golf Association (SAGA)  are stored on this Server.

SAGA, Women’s Golf South Africa and their member Unions and Golf Clubs view, manage and maintain these scores using various interfaces developed by Albatros.

HNA similarly access, generate reports and monitor the System using intefaces created by Albatros for this purpose.

The Affiliated Golfer (who is a member of a Golf Club that is affiliated to an SAGA Union) is given a HNA Handicap Card in return for a Handicap Fee he or she pays the golf club. This card has a magnetic strip which is uniquely coded. By swiping it on a HNA Handicap Terminal, provided at each Affiliated Golf Club, the Golfer can view his handicap. When playing golf, the Club can open a round for that Golfer by simply swiping the player’s Card, whether a member of that club or not. On conclusion the round the Golfer can close the round by swiping his card on the HNA Handicap Terminal and capturing his or her adjusted gross score.

Additional functionality is provided for Golfers capturing scores on the internet, through HNA’s official website,, or a mobile device using the Premium Subscription Service.

All scores captured are then used to compute all Affiliated Golfers’ HNA Handicaps once a month in accordance with processes and procedures determined by HNA.

The Handicaps of all these golfers, and their score history, can be viewed on the internet using a computer or mobile device.

To keep the integrated solution ‘wheels’ in motion, Albatros provides a support desk that operates 7 days a week for 52 weeks in the year, every year.

  • HNA Handicap Terminal

    These are at all SAGA Affiliated Golf Clubs. View current handicaps at any club.

  • HNA Handicap Card

    Uniquely coded for each Affiliated Golfer. Player can be identified as such at any HNA Handicap Terminal

  • Handicap Calculation

    All player handicaps are processed and determined monthly and in accordance with method of calculation determined by HNA from time to time

Features of the Handicap Solution include:

One central repository for all scores for all SAGA Affiliated Golfers

What others say about us:

“HNA have been using Albatros software since 2010. The products we have produced together have proved reliable and well accepted in the market place.”

Justin KingHNA: General Manager