Make a difference – Real Time

Make your corporate golf days different. Add some spice by doing live scoring, see how you progress real-time by viewing scores on the internet through a mobile device or on a big display screen in the clubhouse.

Differentiate your Corporate Golf Days from the rest…..

Corporate Golf Days are hard to differentiate. They are rolled out in such similar fashion, with participants finding it hard to tell one apart from the other. Why not try working with us by providing an electronic feel to your event?

We can offer you a number of services through our products, principle amongst them are:

  • Online presences
  • SMS starting times
  • Real Time scoring
  • Display scores electronically
  • Broaden following to beyond the boundaries of the golf club
  • Create sponsor branding opportunities

What services do we offer?

We offer the following services:

  • Use of software
  • Equipment Rental
  • Customised Scoring Templates
  • Training
  • Full Services

Use of Software

Inclusive of the agreed fee is the use of the Albatros Tournament Management System (ATMS) for the duration of the competition and a 12 month link to the Scoring Template (using a URL provided) to display the scores on a nominated website.

Equipment Rental

Blackberries or iPads can be rented along with the ATMS. These contain the necessary software to capture scores of participating players based on the draw for each round. The Blackberries are operated by a player or caddie in each starting group while the iPads will require the employment of a score recorder collecting scores on-course. This equipment is rented out based on the number of rounds making up a competition.

Customised Scoring Page Template

Each golf day can have a customised Score Page Template. Albatros offers standard pages, however for an additional fee a page can be created to suit each client’s corporate requirements.


Should a corporate or golf club wish to use the ATMS for a number of corporate golf days, it may pay to have an in-house person trained up to operate the software. Albatros offers training, create your own in-house operator expert.

Full Services

If you want to enjoy your golf day then let us do it all for you. We can create the event on the ATMS, operate the ATMS at your golf day, publish results and scores and work with your webmaster to ensure a strong web presences for your golf day. For this we charge a daily fee plus all travel and accommodation costs. Terms and conditions apply.

  • On course score collection

    Our Blackberries are used to capture scores for a playing group at the end of each hole… iPads every 3 holes. As good as real time.

  • Full Services Optional

    Let us setup your tournament on our software, collect and display scores… all while you play golf

Features include:

Creating value in return for sponsorship through on screen branding opportunities provided by live scoring

What others say about us:

“Live scoring has become an integral part of all our tournaments and is as much appreciated by family and friends at home as it is by our players and spectators who keep a very close watch on what is happening on the course”

Karen OlivantPresident of WGSA

You want to add value to your Corporate Golf Days or even your Club Championships? Contact us. Just click the button.